Mission & Vision

The U.P. Institute of Design is to be created and evolved as a professional centre of excellence and innovation to disseminate knowledge, to develop foster skills and to Channelize the rich human resource base of artisans in U.P. to service the needs of industry for the creation of high demand value added products leading to economic prosperity while preserving traditional skills and excellence and promoting the economy of the state.

The Vision

Innovation | Dissemination | Promotion

The institute will offer pedagogy that combines skill, know-how, values and world view. A UPID graduate, therefore, is expected to have a broader vision towards solving design related problems. Empathy in designing solutions, ability to communicate ideas, design management skills, collaborative attitude, technical knowledge and design thinking are some of the expected traits of the graduates. One is also expected to gain the ability to understand the context and analyse local issues to contribute to the socio-economic development. Therefore, the vision of the UPID is to create professionals for the contextual development of crafts in Uttar Pradesh and to set up new-age creative industries through design intervention and entrepreneurship training.

The key objectives of the institute are going to be Education, Training, Design Service, Research & Documentation, Publication, Incubation, and Creating Awareness. Wider objectives of all these initiatives would be.

  • To identify the socioeconomic and cultural context of the contemporary practice of crafts,
  • To support development and diversification of crafts using design and entrepreneurial training,
  • To conduct design research in various domains to enhance competitiveness and market acceptance of the craft products,
  • To contribute to the development of sustainable design practices in the crafts sector through incubation processes,
  • To promote an appreciation of craft and design amongst youth and wider audience.

With unique design vocabulary and diverse skills, crafts could be the resource in setting up new age creative industries in the State. but it requires professional quality design education and entrepreneurship training. Therefore the new framework laid down for UPID proposes activities under three broad objectives; Innovation, Dissemination, and Promotion.


Innovation drives people and markets today. It shall be the key approach of curriculum and pedagogy at UPID. Changing world and individual preferences put great pressure on products and services constantly seeking new ideas and applications. Innovation shall systematically be promoted in all aspects of materials, methods, products, processes, tools, and management of crafts practice. Design and design thinking are proposed to be the guiding force for experiments and creative explorations. While education programmes at the institute will inculcate attitude for innovation, a development studio will help in developing samples and prototypes based on new ideas. An incubator on the campus integrated with the studio shall take forward innovative developments and convert them into feasible business plans. The incubator shall also facilitate craftsperson-designer-entrepreneur collaborations for new start-ups in the crafts sector.


Dissemination of the ideas, knowledge, skills and new developments for craft sector shall be at the core function of the UPID. Emerging understanding through research and development at the institute shall appropriately be customised through different type of programmes to suit to different profiles of learners. There will be short-term workshops under the certificate programme focussing on the aspects of skill development and capability enhancement in the format of continuing education. Two diploma programmes in areas of Craft Design and Craft Entrepreneurship will focus on training young professionals for the sector. Outreach programme will focus on undertaking design projects and training workshops with strategic interventions. Outreach department will actively work in the field and collaborate with the artisans and other stakeholders. UPID will organise design clinics across the crafts clusters to extend matured inputs through expert advice to the industry.


Promotion of crafts from Uttar Pradesh, their traditions, communities, people, practices, and products shall be an important agenda of the institute. Within its means and processes, the institute will keep building awareness about the crafts and by engaging people. A well-designed museum on the campus and regularly coming out with appealing publications on crafts will contribute a lot in this direction. The institute will undertake design and development projects into the classroom where students and faculty could work together on problem-solving. The approach will help in building effective relationships with craftspeople, exporters, retailers and society at large. UPID may regularly facilitate exhibition-cum-sale of selected craft products from artisans and well-designed products developed at the institute. Displays and exhibitions will turn into a mechanism for communication, market testing and feedback of ideas. The overall aim shall be to promote crafts as cultural heritage and their relevance to markets and modern lifestyles. Assignments on designing all these promotional materials and events could also be part of the curriculum. The institute may also look for collaborations with tourism and other industry sectors to expand the opportunities crafts.


  • Curriculum & Design
  • Incubator


  • Educational Programmes
  • Outreach
  • Training of Trainers
  • Design


  • Research & Survey
  • Gallery
  • Haat
  • Seminar & Confrence