Certificate Courses

Following is the list of the topics for the workshops/ seminars that could be planned under a craft or a group of crafts. New topics may be supplemented in future based on the recommendations of the need assessment surveys.

Crafts Overview

Uttar Pradesh has more than thirty crafts practiced at different scales and levels. Most of these crafts are deep rooted in the culture and society of respective regions. It is essential to retain the unique aspects of cultural identity while trying new possibilities in light of the requirements of the contemporary world.

This module shall provide a broader perspective to the crafts in India, and exposure to the crafts practice in Uttar Pradesh. It will capture historical and evolutionary perspectives and contemporary developments in the sector.  This workshop shall be open to all categories of participants. Crafts tourism could be promoted under this module to provide exposure and experience to a variety of crafts in Uttar Pradesh.

This workshop module could be offered in two ways; one may focus on giving overall understanding of a range of crafts while other may give opportunity to experience a select craft genre.

Craft overview workshop shall aim at capturing variety, quality, styles, historical and evolutionary perspectives as well as contemporary developments in the craft sector. It should provide an exposure to various scenarios of crafts in the state,

  • Introduction to different genres of crafts,
  • Present scenario of identified craft clusters,
  • Work environment, traditional practices and approaches,
  • Appreciation of rich design attributes of the crafts in the state,
  • Social and economic dynamics of a craft cluster,
  • Analysing and identifying potential opportunities with the crafts.

Course 001 : CAD Pattern Making

Months: 6

Course 002 : Craft Design Development

Year: 1