Outreach Programmes

Outreach Programmes should help build a network and collaboration towards economic and social priorities, between the institute and crafts communities, organisations, support groups and other stakeholders. Such networks shall keep institutional expertise and ideology aligned with regional aspiration and national priorities. The department shall extend the Institute’s experience and training facilities to the service of those outside its regular educational and client service activities. Projects, workshop and training programmes shall be tailored to the specific needs of particular groups, aimed at assisting them in generation of meaningful livelihood opportunities by means of design and entrepreneurship.

At the Outreach Programmes, identifying the needs of priority sectors through research and addressing the concerns through appropriate design will be an ongoing process. The efforts will get further enriched with the experience of its collaborators, which may range from small and medium handicraft industries and institutions of education and training, to voluntary organisation and central or state bodies working in the priority sectors like crafts, culture, education and social development. These networks will help extend design application in many areas such as IPR, Brand identity and packaging which are  still new for  crafts people.

The core objectives of the outreach activities shall be to understand crafts as a living heritage and enable design as a catalyst to preserve, rejuvenate and revitalize the traditional and cultural industries.