Certificate Programme

Admissions to the certificate programme shall be open to all interested individuals. In some cases, due to the nature of subject and pedagogy of the workshop, there could be defined prerequisites of certain skill sets or there may be an age barrier – any such requirement shall be announced in advance. Such eligibility shall be planned in consultation with the subject experts and the anchor faculty of the workshop.

Applications from craftspeople will be invited through press advertisements initially, the certificate programme may also have to depend upon nominations of craftspeople by the State government and/or other government and non-government agencies till they gain in popularity.

Diploma in Craft Design

The 3-year Diploma Programme in Crafts Design will be open to students who have passed Higher Secondary Certificate Examination (HSCE) or equivalent, in any discipline, and not more than 20 years of age as on 1st August. In order to encourage candidates from practicing craft families there could also be a nomination mechanism operating. Recommendations form renowned experts, reputed institutions and non-government agencies could be accepted for further screening. Later on, as UPID establishes its own network with various crafts clusters, it could independently evolve a mechanism to nominate/invite craftspeople and professionals. At least 20% seats could be reserved for young practicing craftspeople.

Detailed eligibility criteria for admissions shall be laid out by the UPID and shall be reviewed from time to time.

Post Diploma in Craft Entrepreneurship

Admissions to the Programme shall be flexible with an objective to promote entrepreneurship initiatives in the craft sector. The programme shall be open to graduates, professional diploma holders with an inclination for crafts business, and the craftspeople. The programme will also be open to entrepreneurs and professionals with experience.

Other individuals who could benefit from this programme are practicing craftspeople with Pre-specified level of skills and age. If they have completed at least 12th standard they may be allowed to join the programme with the aim to enhance prospects for their business.

Since this programme shall impacts a larger section of society thus inviting applications through press advertisements is recommended for this programme. At least 20% seats could be reserved for practicing craftspeople. Nomination of craftspeople by the State government, eminent designers and non-government agencies shall be permitted

Detailed eligibility criteria for admissions shall be laid out by the UPID and shall be reviewed from time to time.

Design entrepreneurship requires distinct traits and abilities.It calls for a high level of analytical skills, awareness pragmatic insights, resourcefulness and an aptitude for creative problem solving.

The admissions procedure shall therefore, appropriately test the applicants for their analytical abilities and cognitive skills. It Should also assess their creativity, visualization, and perception. In addition the test should test the student's awareness about the crafts sector, the business issues associated with the crafts sector and above all, their aptitude for a career in crafts.